Coors Light goes down slightly better than a Prometheus alien larva

Why would you use an Alien universe movie to market anything you would ingest? Coors Light has taken the chance that you might associate its beer with edible alien larvae with this co-branded Prometheus TV spot.


I just hope that the doomed members of the Prometheus crew get something better than Coors Light as their final boozy beverage. Otherwise, it will be truly horrifying.

Coors Light Partners With "Prometheus," Launches Co-Branded TV Ad [Yahoo Finance - Hat tip to Sridhar]

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The first and last time I drank Coors Light was at Senior Week in Ocean City Maryland after my high school graduation in 1990. For some reason it was the only beer the guys I split the trip/motel rooms with bought, probably because we were 18, didn't know any better and the micro-brew revolution hadn't yet reached Maryland (God, I'm old). That stuff is horrible.

This is one of the strangest product tie-ins to a movie I've seen in a long time. It would make more sense if it was someone's spoof on a product tie-in.