Coolest Rocket-Based Home Redesign Ever

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You know you've always wanted to live in a rocket ship, and at last a group of intrepid weirdos in San Francisco show you the way. It's the spaceship house, with lights and everything.


This shot was taken by Generik11 in San Francisco's Richmond District, on 3rd Ave. near Geary.

A guy named "Johnnygoodlife," who lives in the house in question, explains on SFist:

the front of our house is often made a spectacle for the sake of various theme based house parties. the whole of both flats inside is generally gutted and transformed into a giant play land set in the same spirit as seen in front.

He also adds, "PS - if you're interested I am more than willing to build other things other places." Taken under advisement, Johnnygoodlife! I really want to turn the front of my house into a giant monster.

via SFist


Shhh! Keep your head down. We don't want to disturb the nerd's nesting ritual.

Remember: no footprints, only photos.