Another day of Comic-Con, another day of fantastic cosplayers wandering around the San Diego Convention Center. Not all of them are as high-flying as the fabulous Batgirl above, striking a pose on the Batman zipline, but that doesn't make them any less awesome.

Top photo by Hollywood Reporter's Philiana Ng.

Photo by Davann Srey.

"Jokerine" photo by Geek Girl Diva of Fashionably Geek.

Photos by Erik Estrada.

Photo by Andreas Schneider.

Oberyn Martell makes a hell of a Sailor Scout.

Longing Batman photo by Pamela Schreckengost.

Delirium photo by Lauren Davis.

Photos by Victor Gamez.

Photo by Wei Ho.

Photos by Meredith Woerner.

Also, here are the stars of Teen Wolf in Mario Kart gear, with Stiles looking pretty much like Stiles:

And last but certainly not least, behold George R. "Khalessi" R. Martin, thanks to Redditor "justbeingfrank":