Long before we were building spacecraft, we were dreaming of them. And some of our earliest ideas about space vehicles were pretty fanciful, or even downright bizarre. Here are the most astonishing and baffling spaceship designs from before we had spaceships.

Plus, as a bonus, a few images from the very early days of the Space Age, right after Sputnik launched in 1957.


Above: A cover of a Science Wonder Stories magazine from August 1929, via Heritage Auctions.

Poster and stills from Himmelskibet, Excelsior, a danish space opera from 1918

This rarely known European science fiction classic that you probably haven't seen is about Professor Planetarios and his crew traveling to Mars.

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A Frank R. Paul illustration for Air Wonder Stories, August 1929

(via Heritage Auctions)

Poster and stills from the movie Frau Im Mond by Fritz Lang, 1929

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Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930, by Hans W. Wessolowski

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Cover art by Frank R. Paul for Air Wonder Stories, April 1930

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A Battle Cruiser from a Buck Rogers comic strip, June 1931

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A Galactic Circle, by Howard V. Brown, Astounding Stories, August 1935

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The Adventures of Buck Rogers No. 6 from June 1938

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Spaceship of 2038, from Amazing Stories, 1938

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Ships from Flash Gordon comic strips, 1938-1939

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Julian S. Krupa's illustration on the cover of Amazing Stories, December 1939

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An illustration by Leo Morey on the cover of Amazing Stories, Feburary 1941

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An illustration of Frank R. Paul for Comet, May 1941

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An illustration of Rudolph Belarski, Thrilling Wonder Stories, December 1942

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A Yellow (Space) Submarine by Malcolm Smith, from Amazing Stories, May 1944

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The Rocket Plane Is Here, from Science and Mechanics, June 1944

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An illustration by Douglas Rolfe for "How Will You Talk to the Martians?" in Mechanix Illustrated, December 1947

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Amazing Stories, February 1948, cover art by Malcolm Smith

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A Space Station, by Klaus Bürgle, 1949-1950

A disk-like artificial moon 800 miles above the Earth.

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A Golden Starship on the cover of Other Worlds Science Stories, made by Malcolm Smith, July 1950

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The cover of Cosmos, September 1953

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Super Science Stories, November 1953, by H.R. Van Dongen

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Spaceships on the cover of the legendary sci-fi magazine If from 1955

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Avro Project 1794, 1956

The whole declassified document about the concept is available here, but you can find more flying saucer-like plane concepts here.

(via National Declassification Center/PDF)

Jack Gaughan's illustration for Galaxy Magazine, December 1958, one year after Sputnik

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Ready to start, from the cover of the Czech Věda a technika mládeži, September 1959

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The cover of Space Flight – The Coming Exploration of the Universe by Lester Del Rey, 1959

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Spaceships by Klaus Bürgle, 1961

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Bonus: The first Americans on Mars, from Rockets to Explore the Unknown, 1964, illustrated by George Bakacs

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