Cool New Science Show Recreates Tesla's High Voltage Inventions

If you're tired of getting your science porn fix from Modern Marvels and Mega Disasters, there's a cool new science show you should check out tomorrow night. The pilot for indie-rock/indie-tech accented History Hacker hits the airwaves on History Channel tomorrow night at 8. Host Bre Pettis (of Etsy and MAKE fame) takes you into the annals of weird science history by recreating old-school machines using what he enthusiastically calls "stuff from my closet." And this week he starts with a bang by recreating some of electricity maniac Nikola Tesla's lightning-spewing inventions. Here's a teaser that gives you a feel for how the show will look.

If you're a History Channel science show nerd like I am, you can appreciate how much of a departure this is for the channel. Most of their shows do fun stuff like go on location to see giant machines, but rarely do they mix it up with zany, YouTube-style jump cuts and a host who rides a skateboard. It's great to see science looking cool, while still retaining a geeky, educational side. Here's hoping that History Hacker gets picked up for a full season, and we get to see Pettis pull more inventions out of his closet. (Also, can we see that closet, please?) Image via MAKEzine. History Hacker Pilot [via Bre Pettis]


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