Cool Fan Film Envisions a New Chapter in the Cloverfield Sci-Fi Saga

I have a strange suspicion this guy’s not gonna give us any answers.
I have a strange suspicion this guy’s not gonna give us any answers.
Image: Greg Strasz (YouTube)

The Cloverfield universe might have hit a major snag with the latest film, Cloverfield: Paradox, but a new fan film is (unofficially) continuing the saga in a way that makes me want to give J.J. Abrams a call and tell him: “Hey, J.J! It’s your cousin, Marvin Abrams. You know that new film you’ve been looking for? Well listen to this!”

Digital artist Greg Strasz, who’s worked on films like 2012 and Independence Day: Resurgence, has released a proof-of-concept short film called Megan. Inspired by the Cloverfield franchise—which includes the films, manga, and online augmented reality game—the five-minute short introduces us to another level of the ongoing Cloverfield mystery.

The short film centers around Megan (Matilda Anna Ingrid from Rings), who appears to be the daughter of 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Howard Stambler (John Goodman). She’s caught up in a massive conspiracy that leads to the arrival of, you guessed it, the terrifying monster. While it’s not so big on the details, it does connect several of the loose threads in the series. And since the future of Cloverfield appears to be in limbo, it’s nice to have something new to keep that cinematic universe alive.


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Come on, how can you end it like that? I was just getting into it. Somebody better make a movie out of this, even if it’s a SyFy or Netflix movie.