Converse Teamed Up With Pixar to Put Toy Story Characters on Your Classic All Stars

When Pixar collaborated with Vans a couple of years ago for a line of Toy Story-themed skate shoes, the results weren’t exactly subtle. So we’re thankful that the studio’s latest partnership with Converse has resulted in some more subdued ways to show off your obsession with Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the toys.


Three classic Converse styles are getting the Toy Story treatment, including the All Star 100 High which features a full-color pattern of all the characters, the All Star 100 Low which features the same pattern but with black and white illustrations, and a pair of Jack Purcells with a green and white canvas treatment emulating Buzz Lightyear’s space boots.

The designs are wonderful, but there is a side factor at play here that might dampen your excitement. At the moment the collection is only available in Japan from sites like Atmos. They range in price from around $84 to $89, but you’ll need to spend a bit more, probably a lot more, if you have dreams about importing a pair over here.

[ATMOS via Hypebeast]


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