Control-Alt-Delete Restarts Matrix Fever At Warners

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It's been almost ten years since Keanu chose the red pill and made us all believers in virtual reality, but a new comedy script described as "Bill and Ted meets The Matrix" has just been purchased by Matrix studio Warner Bros, in what may be one of the most odd attempts at Keanu Fetishism we've seen. What, they couldn't work a little Constantine or Johnny Mnemonic in there as well?The potential movie, currently called Control-Alt-Delete, is co-written by rookie screenwriter Tim Kelleher and Roseanne alumni Danny Zuker, will be made by Unique Features, the Warners production company that's also working on a movie version of Isaac Asimov's Foundation. We're hoping that, worst comes to worst, the two movies can be combined to create a movie version of a 1942 concept that just looks like 1999. WB has the keys to 'Control-Alt-Delete' [Hollywood Reporter]


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Just imagine keanu 'bill' acting, no matter what the script is, as long as its decent enough, it would make a great film.

@dOk: The Matrix De-wooded?