Contestant Sucks On Star Wars LEGO Toys To Win Surreal German Game Show

On the wildly popular German game show Wetten, dass..? ("Wanna Bet...?"), this contestant had to recognize Stars Wars LEGO figurines using her mouth alone. Marvel at this bizarre Teutonic spectacle from a country far, far away!

If you've ever wanted to watch a German citizen eat plastic Star Wars figurines in front of a live studio audience, well, today is your lucky day:

To the contestant's credit, she does an awesome job recognizing the figurines. I wouldn't have got the Hoth Snowtrooper either - I would've guessed Bib Fortuna or 4-LOM or something. Also, I really hope the grand prize is that sweet set of droid goggles she's sporting. Karl Lagerfeld, get on it!


[via Laughing Squid]

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