We're tired of waiting for leaked footage from the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movie, and so it's time to make some up. Over the weekend, we got our knickers in a bunch about some fake footage allegedly from the new Star Trek flick, and the guys over at Trek Movie subsequently hired a Romulan senator to make fun of us. But the whole experience just made us hunger for more fake footage. That's where you come in. Enter the io9 fake Star Trek footage contest — details below.


We know you can whip up a bit of footage that looks way more realistic than the one that fooled us at 2 AM after we'd been drinking Romulan ale for 12 hours straight. We want a snippet of something that looks ripped from from J.J. Abrams' secret vault — something that would fool the guys at Trek Movie and Ain't It Cool News. Or maybe just something that's plain goofy and will make us laugh away the pain of having no actual footage to slake our thirst for more Enterprise.

UPDATE: We've persuaded the excellent Anthony Pascale, editor of Trek Movie, to be a judge in the contest. And he persuaded us to give you more time. Contest now ends Saturday, April 5, at midnight PST. To enter, you must mail your footage to faketrek@io9.com. You can also post it on YouTube and then paste the YouTube clip into the comments below so everybody has a chance to judge its greatness. (Just pasting the YouTube URL into comments will make the video appear.) But remember, to be considered a real entry, you must also mail the footage to faketrek@io9.com.

We will announce the winner, with great fanfare, Monday, April 7. The prize? An awesome swag box full of Star Trek goodies (thanks, Anthony!). Plus, everlasting internet fame and the satisfaction of having designed awesome fake footage.


Alright, humans and aliens, engage!