Constantine's Arrow Appearance Was Probably His Last Ever

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Star Wars Episode VIII might be getting rewrites to shine a spotlight on certain characters. Supergirl casts its young Superman. Robert Kirkman teases The Walking Dead’s next big badass. Plus, a huge new sizzle reel for Arrow, and Gillian Anderson on the practicality of pocket-sized flashlights. Spoilers!


Star Wars Episode VIII

In a recent episode of the Meet the Movie Press, Jeff Sneider claims that the start of the film’s production has been pushed back to February to re-write elements of the script... in order to focus more on Rey, Finn, and Poe, the protagonists of The Force Awakens, at the expense of the new characters in this movie:

They want to get to know better the characters they already have. So the new rewrite is shrinking the new roles in order to spend more time with Rey, Poe and so on.

While it might come as a surprise to hear that the protagonists of Episode VII weren’t planned to have as much screen time in the sequel, it’s not really—there have been rumors for a while that the film has been looking to cast a new female protagonist who will play a large role in Finn’s story, presumably to accommodate the fact that Rey will spend a portion of the film on her own training with Luke Skywalker.

The Shower

Anne Hathaway is in talks with Warner Bros. to bring her comedy about a baby shower interrupted by an alien invasion to the studio. Hathaway will both produce and star in the film. [THR]

Transformers 5

Michael Bay has confirmed the franchise will return to Chicago for location filming in a new interview with WGN Chicago. [TFW2005]



Early screenings of the film to fans—which have, unsurprisingly, garnered rave reviews from fans expecting to see preview footage and instead getting a full showing of the movie—have confirmed that yes, indeed there will be a post credits scene in the movie. []



Actor Danny Trejo has sparked rumors that he’s been linked to the role of DC’s alien bounty hunter Lobo after tweeting a picture of the character.


Considering there’s been absolutely no rumors about DC’s Lobo film since progress stalled last year—The Rock was the actor most recently linked to the role—it’s more likely Trejo is just throwing his hat into the ring to garner attention.


Wonder Woman

Several social media pages set up yesterday for the movie have “revealed” Wonder Woman’s emblem in the film—putting “revealed” in quotes, because it actually first emerged a few months ago.

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The Little Prince

Here’s a new domestic poster for the film. [Coming Soon]

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Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that Constantine’s recent appearance on Arrow was likely the last ever appearance for Matt Ryan’s take on the character:

When we were given the character, we were given the character with the understanding and the agreement that this is a one-off.



The X-Files

In a delightful Q&A with GQ, Gillian Anderson discusses what’s changed on the show since she last slipped into the shoes of Dana Scully:

What’s one thing that’s new about the miniseries?

We have cell phones that fit into our pockets, and we have flashlights that actually fit into our pockets, rather than pulling out something as if we pulled it out of our pockets but clearly it could not have fit in our pockets.

And shoulder pads?

There will not be shoulder pads in any way, shape, or form.


Such a shame.

The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman discusses the fun of bringing Jesus to the series, and his zombie-fighting skills:

Jesus is just such a fun character to write in the comics. At this point in the life of the series, my thought is the apocalypse has been going on for so long, the people you encounter in your day-to-day life have to be extremely skilled. And they’ve been surviving for a reason, whether they were at a place like Alexandria that’s very safe, or they’re a great leader of their group and somewhat sadistic but in control of their group like Negan, or someone who’s an absolute, complete badass like Jesus.

He’s smart, quick, very athletic. He’s kinda been surviving on his feet. He’s going to be bringing a lot to the show. There’s some cool stuff coming with him.


[Entertainment Weekly]

The Flash

Candice Patton talks about the changes in playing the Earth-2 version of Iris:

She’s quite different. She’s similar in a lot of ways, but the way that I can say that she’s most different to Earth-1 Iris is that she’s really tough. I know Iris form Earth-1 is pretty tough, but this version is really hard and tough. She’s less emotionally penetrable than the Earth-1 version of herself, which was really cool to play. It was really fun to play a different version. As an actor, you end up on a series, and you think you’re going to play one character for however long. It’s nice that we have these doppelgängers and we get to play a little bit.

Does Earth-1 Iris get to meet Earth-2 Iris?

No, she doesn’t. I’ll say that much.

[Entertainment Weekly]

Legends of Tomorrow

Johnathon Schaech has been cast as the show’s take on the DC Western anti-hero, Jonah Hex. [THR]


Here’s a brief new trailer for the show, emphasising the “nobodies” nature of the team:


Daniel DiMaggio has been cast as the young Kal-El on the show. His first appearance will be in a dream sequence, but the role was originally listed with the potential to recur. []



And finally, here’s a sizzle reel for the rest of the show’s season, ahead of its return.

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Arrow.



Robert Kirkman discusses the fun of bringing Jesus to the series, and his zombie-fighting skills:

For a moment there I actually read this as Christ making an appearance. And I didn’t think it was at all weird, seeing as how it’s a show about zombies.