Constantine's Angel Gets Locked In A Human Body, Jumps Right To Oral Sex

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"Heroes are usually jerks at heart," John says at the beginning of this week's episode. And he proves his own point when he gets annoyed at the angel Manny and curses him into a human body. And it doesn't take long for Manny to experience anger, righteousness, and the pleasures of a workplace quickie.

Manny gives John his big case this week, telling him to go to a nearby hospital to investigate an apparent overdose that has a more sinister cause. But after Zed uses her vision powers on the overdosed woman, she finds herself suddenly in need of medical attention. A quick scan reveals something potentially devastating: Zed has a tumor on the part of her brain associated with mystical visions. Her fight against the Rising Darkness may very well be shortening her life.

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We don't know Constantine's fate yet. We don't know if it will be dropped or get an 11th-hour renewal or if it will be rebranded over at Syfy (although honestly, I think that last option might be the most ideal one). This could be the second-to-last episode of the show, but I was struck by how smooth it felt, how, for the first time, our four main characters truly felt like a team. Part of this is because of the exposition we've gotten in earlier episodes: we know a bit more about Zed's past and we understand the nature of Chas' powers and his relationship with John. But part of it is John's act of vengeful rage, which temporarily binds Manny to the mortal plane.

When John learns about Zed's tumor, he's pretty pissed with himself, but he's even more furious at Manny, who likely knew about the risk to Zed's health. While Manny is possessing the body of one of the hospital's doctors and arguing with John, John turns around and curses Manny so he's stuck in the doc's body.

Angels walking around in human bodies is certainly nothing new, and Constantine deals with a lot of the usual tropes: Humans feel things angels don't! Human bodies vomit! Human bodies want sex! (Constantine also decides to neglect the creepiness of a nurse actually having sex with Manny when she thinks she's just having sex with her doctor fuck buddy.) But this Manny-in-a-human-body business actually serves the show quite well. Sure, there's a bit of humor in John being able to summon Manny by pager and in Manny having to deal with the indignities of printing patient files (stupid swirling beachball). But the real benefit is having Manny truly interact with Zed.

Sometimes, the various members of Team Constantine can feel a bit segregated from one another, with everyone interacting with John rather than functioning as an ensemble. Having Zed actually communicate with Manny — and express her longings and fears about the nature of her visions — did a lot to bring Manny into the fold. And with Chas as the guy rooted to the humanity of everything he does, and Manny and Zed representing the team's more spiritual component, perhaps John can have a bit more reign to be the jerk he feels that heroes truly are.

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And if he cements his role as the team's jackass by lighting his cigarette with a church candle, all the better.


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Ellis of Chaos

The fact that the episode was one of DC Comic's big bads without having to give their silly name was awesome. It was fun seeing Chas get Eclipsed. For those not in the know the villains name is Eclipso, who was one the Lord's Angel of Vengence according to the last Eclipso comic I read way back when. The lighting of the cigarette with a church candle that made the old Hellblazer comics such a treat with casual blasphemies.