Constantine Tries To Save His Own TV Show In Bizarre Claymation Short

The future of the Constantine TV series looks pretty bleak, but supernatural detective/exorcist John Constantine isn't waiting around to be canceled. He's decided to hunt for his own missing showrunners in this silly, surreal claymated short titled "John Con Noir."


As weird as it is, this thing is technically official — that's Matt Ryan doing Constantine's voice, of course, and it was released on DC's official YouTube channel — despite looking... well, let's just say "rough." Still, I suppose DC can afford to have a sense of humor about Constantine's probable cancelation given all the other shows they have on the air.

Still, I'll be bummed if Constantine ends. It wasn't great, but it was a solid, fun, Friday night show, and Matt Ryan did a damned fine Constantine. Maybe some other smaller channel desperate for a comic book-based series could pick it up? Surely it can't be that expensive, and a network that would let Constantine smoke, swear and basically be as awful as he's supposed to be could very well find a sudden hit on their hands.

[Via Comic Book Movie]



I'd admit I only watched one episode of the show and though that clay-mation short was cute, I'm pretty glad it's going off the air. I wasn't dark or scary enough to be like Constantine that I know.

That and the idea that felt the need to make him straight is disgusting and pretty much shouts, "we don't want bi people only TV" which is awful.