Constantine Makes a Deal With a Demon in the First Look at His Animated Series

Image: Still via Youtube
Image: Still via Youtube
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Constantine is coming back the CW, a bit more two-dimensional than the last time we saw him on Arrow, through a new animated series. And if you were dying for more of Matt Ryan in action as the sarcastic spell-slinging demon hunter, then this preview should be more than enough to whet your appetite.

Unveiled at New York Comic Con this weekend, the preview clip sees Constantine—now looking much more like his Justice League Dark counterpart than what we saw in the art for the animated show’s announcement—doing what he does best, which is tricking demons and making underhanded deals with other demons:

It’s great, and although the clip focuses more on the mayhem of a gory fight between the demons Constantine is trying to play off of each other, it’s joyful to hear Matt Ryan in action again. Justice League Dark gave us a great interpretation of Ryan’s Constantine, but to have him back in the CW/DC world, albeit in animated form, just feels right.


Constantine hits the CW’s streaming service, Seed, soon.

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From now on any Constantine that is not Matt Ryan is not valid.