Confused by True Detective? These infographics can help

Need a scorecard to keep track of all the characters in True Detective? Want to know the path Rust took through the Hoston Projects in that stunning single-shot sequence? One fan has created a series of graphics that helps illuminate the series.

Designer Nigel Evan Dennis created the True Detective fansite We keep the other bad men from the door, exploring the show through graphic images. He visually catalogues the various characters, trying to puzzle whether they fall into categories of "good" or "bad" (or both). While he just barely touches on some of the ideas behind the show like Robert W. Chambers' The King in Yellow and the M-Brane Theory, his graphics do offer an interesting view on the series, such as when he maps out Rust and Ginger's dash through the Hoston Projects:


He also created an interactive map of Louisiana, showing where various events took place. Head over to the site to see the map, the character list, and more, and to keep up with Dennis' updates. I suspect he'll change a few of these graphics once the season finale airs.

We keep the other bad men from the door [via Dangerous Minds]

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