If you’re a fan of Italian horror movies—specifically, the gory, titillating subgenre known as giallo—and you’re anywhere near Los Angeles in the next few weeks, you won’t want to miss a group art show titled “My Blood Runs Yellow: A Tribute to Giallos.”


Co-curated by Sloan Fine Art gallery owner/director Alix Sloan and film journalist Drew Fitzpatrick, both giallo enthusiasts, the show brings together works by 13 different artists that take inspiration from the genre.

Here are a few of our favorites—the top two are eerie portraits of characters from Dario Argento’s Suspiria—from the show, which opens July 9 at Project Gallery in LA, and runs through July 30. (More info here.)

Kristen Schiele, “Suspiria”
Jean-Pierre Roy, “My Dear, Sweet, Pavlo”
Valerie Pobjoy, “Black Sabbath”
John Jacobsmeyer, “Anarchia”

If you’re nowhere near Southern California, you can do the next best thing and take a look at all of the works in “My Blood Runs Yellow” in the online gallery.

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