Concept artist describes the scariest creature he ever created

Warren Manser is a concept art legend — you only have to look at his visually stunning work on Spider-Man, A.I., The Matrix and Minority Report. But one piece of movie concept art he created terrified him. What was it?

What's the weirdest, most horrifying concept art Warren Manser's ever seen? The answer is a little disturbing:

The weirdest thing I've seen is my own drawing of a well known comedic actor as a fish for a proposed Mr. Limpet remake. I was terrified by the result. No matter how hard I tried, it truly looked disturbing.


Sadly, he couldn't share that art with us because that project is still under wraps.

We asked Manser why he wanted to be a concept artist, and he says:

I wanted to be a concept artist since I saw Star Wars. I didn't know his title at the time, but Ralph McQuarrie's paintings had a great early influence on me. I went to school for transportation/Industrial design, but eventually decided that concept art was more to my strengths and interests.

What's his favorite project he's worked on? Manser responds:

Its hard to pick a favorite. I can tell you I had a great time working on and subsequently watching Galaxy Quest. I'm a fan of ST:TOS so it was fun on a daily basis. I actually spent several months developing a Wonder Woman film that was never made, but if it had been produced, I believe it would have been my favorite and I would have had a very personal stamp on it. As for produced films, The Matrix pods were a pretty faithful reproduction of my concept art, which I think is really rewarding. Films are collaborative by nature so each has varying degrees of my personal input.


Here's a bit more of Manser's incredible art. There's a lot more at his website.

All art copyright Warren Manser and the respective studios. Matrix art copyright Warner Bros. Pictures.


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