Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Spidermother

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Well, things are looking pretty creepy in this week's writing prompt. But is the massive mother in this image going to care for that baby or feed the baby to her brood?


"Spidermother" is by artist Markus Erdt. You can see more of Erdt's work on his portfolio site, his blog, and his deviantART profile, and you can purchase products featuring his artwork from Society6. As always, we invite you to come up with a story inspired by this illustration and post it in the comments.

Used with permission and spotted on r/ImaginaryHorrors.

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When terraforming could not be enacted,
The pioneers reformed themselves instead:
A splice of genes: voila! Semi-arachnid—
Quite different, true, but better far than dead.
And colonizing worlds goes faster far
When reproduction's at a spider's pace;
And so, one hundred circuits round the star
Have passed without a humanoid face.
Until one throwback, one gene unsuppressed,
A small mutation here or maybe there—
And one small child diverges from the rest.
His mother-creature, with maternal care,
Divides him from the brood. She strokes his cheek
And softly clicks a language he can't speak.