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Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Medieval Mech

Illustration for article titled Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Medieval Mech

The past and the future seem to collide in this week's writing prompt. Why is this giant mechanical creation outfitted like a medieval knight?


Medieval Sci-fi is by artist Phill Berry, found via r/ImaginaryTechnology. You can see the full image below and, as always, we invite you to write your own story inspired by this picture and post it in the comments. Happy writing!

Illustration for article titled Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Medieval Mech

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Frank B. Chavez III

The morning of March 15, 10'191 dawned cool and clear over Midgardia's Central Kingdom. John Goliath sat at the controls of the mecha. He'd been training with the machine for a month but he was still in awe of its size and complexity. He peered out the window at his fellow men-at-arms scurrying about the battlefield like ants. He chuckled. The strongest, most skillful amongst them was insignificant compared to the power he felt whilr riding the mecha. Each step he took shook the ground, each slash of the machine's sword toppled trees and towers.

John maneuvered the machine into position across from Duke Saul's castle. He could knock down the gate with a single blow as soon as his commander gave the signal. He switched on his public address system.

"People of Central City," his voice boomed from the speakers. "Send out a champion to face our champion. If your man wins, we will surrender and be your slaves forever. If our man wins, you will surrender and be our slaves forever."

John waited. After about 40 minutes, he checked his scanner, there was movement on the other side of the wall. He watched the gate as it slowly creaked open on ancient hinges.

He chuckled as a young woman, perhaps 16-years old came out of the gate and crossed the drawbridge. She was a little over five feet tall with a slender, athletic build. Her skin was tanned from hours working in the sun and her wooly hair hung in dreadlocks to the middle of her slender back. She was unarmed save for a thin rod and a leather sling.

"I am Davita, daughter of Jesse," she chirped. "I accept your challenge, sir."

John switched on his public address system.

"Am I dog to be chased away with a stick?" his voice echoed across the battlefield. "I swear by all the gods that I'll feed your pretty flesh to the beasts of the fields and the birds of the air."

"You are a professional warrior, armed and armored and I am but a simple shepherdess," Davita shouted. "Yet you will be delivered into my hands for my ally is the living God!"

"Bring it on, girl!" John shouted. "I'll give you the first blow. I won't even raise my shield."

The girl threw down her staff and took a fighting stance. She loaded a stone into her sling. She gritted her teeth and twirled the sling around her head. With a ferocious grunt she flung the stone at him.

John laughed as the stone bounced harmlessly off his machine's canopy. The girl gasped and started back towards the gate. John plunged the sword into the earth, cuting off her escape. He let go of the hilt and scooped up the girl before she could get around the immense sword.

"All I have to do is squeeze," he growled.

"Do your worst, dog," she screeched.

John laughed as blood oozed from the girl's mouth and nose as her bones cracked and her organs turned to jelly. He chucked her lifeless body to the ground. She lay there like a broken doll as John led his army into the city. He chuckled as he watched the city's residents flee before the onslaught.

He saw a squadron drag out a regal looking prisoner in chains. That must be Duke Saul, he thought. The soldiers pushed Duke Saul to his knees. One of them quickly decapitated the duke with a single blow from a huge axe. The man's head rolled across the yard and bumped into the machine's foot. Laughing, John smashed it like a rotten melon as another soldier planted a large flag in the middle of the yard.

"I claim this city in the name of Lord LeMat of Matadoria," the soldier yelled. A cheer went up and the army began pillaging the city.