Concept Art Writing Prompt: Stormy Ride on the Back of a Cyborg Insect

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In a future where people can ride upon giant cyborg insects, do they race them like horses? Or are we watching an ordinary commute on an extraordinary vehicle? It's up to you to create a story inspired by this low-flying bug.


This digital painting by Abe Taraky is titled "Race," and these bugs are certainly speeding along. But tell us your interpretation of this particular image; come up with a short story about insect riders and post it in the comments.



Hunger was starting to settling in,but Hl'unn continued his stride along the emptyness of the Storm Expanse in search of his elusive vision. A week and a half without food had left him weak,but the Psalms were very severe in this matter: he would taste no food,kill no game,speak no words to one of his fellows and partake on the Share Dream until a Vision was earned during his Jossu Rite of Passage.

Aside from his Will-Mount assigned from birth to him,he would only take a cryspear and a map with him. Repeating the oath that he had sworn, set out, looking often backwards until the lighnting-covered slope became to step and his four=eyed face was hit by the sharp wind.It was in the morning that he started, and his Will-Mount climbed all the day with little rest, where every foot-hole was smooth with many feet. Before he reached the top the sun disappeared from him, and darker and darker grew in the Storm Expanse. Then he pushed on so as to see all the distance he had travelled. The dusk was deep over these lands, and the very distant lights of the Enclaves twinkled through the mist when he came to the summit of the Expanse and the sun before him was not yet gone from the sky. There Hl'unn gave thanks to the Shared Wisdom that he was alive for one more day tp pursue his Vision.

Five weeks without sustenance... He was finally at the end of his resistance. His Will-Mount was also dying like him,but it continued to trudge forward in the barren wastes of the of the Plateau of Echoes. Finally,at the edge of the plateau where the gigagntic Moss Trees grew,his Will-Mount died. Hl'unn sang the Song of Regret and left the carcass of his faithful ride behind to be eaten by the predatory vines of the region. He continued walking supporting himself on his crys-spear.

His legs could barely carry his weight anymore when he came near the shore of the Rainbow Sea. For a long while Hl'unn stood there regretfully, knowing that there had come something into his soul that no one in the Inner Lands could while he had fruitlessly searched for his Vision. Then he turned his four multi-faceted eyes to the sky and prepared for the Final Song.

It was then and there the the Flash came. Hl'unn could not process what had caused the strangre thunder among the clouds,but only the he saw the three strange objects decending from the Sky and settling themselves gently near the silicon shores of the Rainbow Sea. Gathering the last of his strenght he ran towards the gigantic objects with strange markings on them. By the time he arrived an small gathering of strange Fellows he had never seen before. One of them started to make strange noises in a frequency he could not understand:

"In The name of His Majesty Bella,Empress of All Quadrants,I Helm Commander Chistopher Colombus claim this planet and all its Satellites"

And H'lunn raised his four chitinous limbs to the Heavens,for he knew then that the Shared Wisdom had finally granted him his Vision.