Concept Art Writing Prompt: Not Alone

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In this week’s Concept Art Writing Prompt by artist Francesco Corvino, a solitary figure has plenty of company overhead. Is this a surprise? Or just a routine night out on the water? You come up with a story and tell us.


Each week, we share an interesting piece of artwork to get your creative juices flowing. If this image inspires you, write a story and share it here in the comments. And have fun!

“Not Alone” is featured with the artist’s permission and was spotted on r/ImaginaryStarships.


Invisible Circus

I don’t remember what the stars looked like, it’s been that long since I’ve seen them.

From time to time, I would look up, expecting to be impressed but I was always shake my head at the sight of that ship. I’d wish in vain on the stars I knew were beyond that massive body, hoping that something more powerful than they were would answer back somehow.

It’s late. I climb into the tiny boat docked on the lake, push off from the muddy shore, listening to the sounds of the crickets, the wind in the trees, the stillness in the air. I’d actually gotten used to seeing their exhaust ports, vents and lights instead of those stars but tonight, tonight felt different. Tonight, I wanted to stare up at the thing above us; the thing that had blotted out the stars and hummed ominously above us, a terrible titan in the clouds. I wanted to get familiar with it...with them. We’d never seen them. Someone said they had but I didn’t believe them. They didn’t speak to anyone except for the ones in charge and even they were terrible at communicating so it was like being caught in the middle of a fight you had no idea was going on.

I want to hate them. I do but I find it so hard to hate something because I don’t understand it. Everyone else whispers, talks about plans, overthrowing them but I understand their logic and reasoning; we’re dying, this Earth is dying and they’re trying to save it.

I just wish they didn’t have to blot out the stars to remind us of how fragile we really are.