Concept Art Writing Prompt: Hunting the Transdimensional Whale

Pests in the apartment are enough of a pain when they're tiny mice and cockroaches, but what do you do when a whale shows up in your bathroom? Come up with a flash fiction story based on this week's concept art, and post it in the comments.


We've gone a bit pulpy this week, thanks to the collage artwork of Nadine Boughton, via mashKULTURE. Boughton's "True Adventures in Better Homes" series mashes illustrations from 1950s and 1960s men's adventure magazines with the designer decor from Better Homes and Gardens issues from the same era, staging explosions and animal attacks in handsomely appointed homes.

Here's my story. Please post your own in the comments:

Kylie rested the harpoon gun against the tub as she stepped into the bath. Ever since the accident, she wore a bikini when she bathed. More often than not, the whale appeared in her bathroom, and damn if the police were going haul her corpse out naked.

Her brother had warned her not to buy a place in Harunda Bay. After all, it was the only city on the whole moon with a transdimensional transport. But Kylie had waved her finger at the screen and pointed out that Braz spent most of his time on a ship with a nuclear engine core, and those puppies failed way more often than transdimensional gateways did. Of course, at the time, she didn't know that TransEuropa had been bribing the Solar Transit Authority to keep certain instabilities under wraps. The ones and zeroes from her signature had barely logged with the credit union before Harunda had an ocean's worth of sea life breaking the transdimensional barrier and a whale crashing through Kylie's building every hour. That sent Harunda Bay home values crashing, and Kylie couldn't afford to leave.

What she could afford were shooting lessons and a gun. She bought the printing file from a data warehouse that specialized in antique lessons. When she took it down to the printer, they bought twelve additional licenses on the spot. TransEuropa said they'd plugged the hole, but for some reason, the critters that had already made it into our dimension were stuck in some sort of flux, flopping back and forth between the universes. Once they were dead, the terror of fish and sea mammals would be ended. Kylie wasn't sure it was true, but the city-wide fishing expedition had certainly raised morale, and she'd learned how to prop her gun against the lip of the tub while she washed her hair.

AHAB rang from the living room, the sign that Kylie had just moments to prepare. When whalers had hunted their quarry in the bays of Earth, the whales traveled just a dozen miles per hour. The Great Whale of Yellow Complex B didn't swim; she fell. Kylie had already punched several holes in the wall because she failed to predict the whale's path through her bathroom; amazing to miss a creature that large. But she had a good feeling about this time. She aimed her harpoon at the ceiling and, at the first sign of muzzle breaching the stucco, fired.

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