Concept Art Writing Prompt: Game Of Bones

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In this week’s Concept Art Writing Prompt, by artist Alexandra Semushina, two creatures are playing a game that doesn’t just involve strategy or luck; it also involves a bit of necromancy. What story will you write about this game, the players, and the stakes they’re playing for?


Each week, we try to spark a bit of inspiration by sharing an interesting image and inviting you to write a story based on that image. If you come up with a story inspired by this piece, please share it here in the comments.

“Game of Bones” is featured with the artist’s permission. Check out more of Semushina’s work on Deviant Art.



Qin Lon The Azure Dragon King smiled and let out a fiert puff of satisfaction. This was the first time he was beating the Old Man playing Liubo in all their ages of sharing an afternoon game.

“Looks like Temujin will conquer all over the World and I will have finally beaten you at long last,old friend”

Fu Xi looked comtemplative at the board and moved one of the pieces. His opposite player let out a roar of displeasure that was heard all through the Celestial Court.

“You tricked me! How could I not see that move?! You keep tricking me in this accursed game”

“And you own me a quarter of your Celestial Portfolio. But I’m willing to exchange then for your promise we won’t see another one like Temujin for say...a thousand years?”

“That’s too much I’ll give 600 years and that’s being generous. I’m getting better at this game. Next time we play it’ll not be as easy for you,old trickster!”

The Dragon King stormed out in a swirl of fire and smoke and ascended into the heavenly vault of the Celestial Court. Fu Xi sighed with relief and rearrenged the pieces of the pieves .