Illustration for article titled Concept Art Writing Prompt: Emergency Protocol — RUUUUUN!!!!!

In this week’s Concept Art Writing Prompt by Christian Bravery of Leading Light Design, a lunar mission stumbles across something very unexpected. You tell us: How the hell did they stumble across undiscovered monsters on the moon?


Shake off your writers’ block with our weekly Concept Art Writing Prompt, where we invite you to write a story inspired by an interesting piece of art. If this illustration gets the creative juices flowing, share your story here in the comments.

If you’d like more inspiration, you can see more of Bravery’s work (including more from his moon series) at ArtStation and Leading Light Design.


“Emergency Protocol — RUUUUUN!!!!!” is featured with the artist’s permission and was spotted on r/ImaginaryAdrenaline.

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