In his Blue Girl series of illustrations, artist Sungwon creates striking scenes focused on a single character, a girl all in blue. It's left to us, the viewers, to imagine the story behind each individual scene. What can you come up with for this one?

Sungwon has ten Blue Girl illustrations so far, some clearly connected while others stand alone (via Ian Brooks). So tell us your Blue Girl story and post it in the comments.


Here's mine:

When Blue Girl grew older and her color faded to a light periwinkle, she would reflect on that night she spent hidden on the chemist's floor. She'd remember the way her dress kept catching on a splintered plank, and how she kept farting from the black-and-white beans the Dragon of Blacksbane had cooked for her lunch, and worried the chemist might notice the smell. She remember the chemist's long, leather shoes as he paced about, muttering formulas that might as well have been mystical incantations to Blue Girl's ears. She remembered willing him to grow sleepy, to abandon his study of the blue rose and go to bed. She thought she might catch fire from wishing so hard.

But mostly, she remembers the books, the grand tomes of knowledge about things Blue Girl didn't even know she was seeking. What if, instead of stealing the rose and sneaking out in the night, she had shown herself to the chemist? Could he have told her all he knew of the color blue? Could they have studied the rose together and unlocked the secrets of its elusive color? Would she, Blue Girl, have grown up to be as powerful and as frightening as the chemist himself?

She'll never know the answers to those questions. Instead, that was the night she learned that even blue girls bleed red.

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