Concept Art Writing Prompt: An Unusual Brush With Death

Illustration for article titled Concept Art Writing Prompt: An Unusual Brush With Death

This little girl has a rather, well, unorthodox relationship with the Grim Reaper. If this image inspires you, write a story that tells us what on Earth is going on here.


"Emily's Brush with Death" is by concept artist Jeremy Vickery, and it's a fun image—or is something more sinister happening? As always, we invite you to come up with a story based on this illustration and post it in the comments.

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"When I'm done with your hair do you promise you'll help me with my costume?"

"You're a skeleton, wearing a black robe, carrying a scythe. You're Death and you look like it. Even the other monsters are afraid of you. You don't need a costume."

"You're a demonic hell beast with three heads. You're dressing up like a little girl. Why am I not allowed?"

"You know why! Remember the last time you dressed up? A cute little rat costume. All the kids loved you. You went from town to town letting anyone who wanted pet you satiny fur. Do you remember what happened next?"

Death looked down sheepishly, "Yes"


"They all died of the plague."

"That's why you're not allowed to dress up too."



"What if I wear a name tag?"