Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Space Botanist Marooned

Illustration for article titled Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Space Botanist Marooned

In this week’s Concept Art Writing Prompt by Alice Duke, a botanist contemplates her life on an alien planet with only her mutant dog creature for company. What story can you spin about this lady and her far-off thoughts?


Each week, we feature an intriguing image that we hope will set your imagination running. If this illustration inspires you, write a story and share it here in the comments. And have fun!

“Space Botanist” is featured with the artist’s permission. You can see more of Duke’s work at her portfolio site, Deviant Art, and Tumblr, and purchase prints of this and her other illustrations at INPRNT.


Ellie was bored with this place. Sure the first few centuries of immortality after she got it were great, all the new technology and every changing culture was always fascinating and never got old for her. But as humanity spread to the stars she had been scared to join in. What if something had happened to her ship and she was left drifting through the void for eternity? Unable to breathe, unable to speak, unable to die forever.

So she had stayed on Earth even as the troubles began. War was no threat to her anyways. But the wars had never been this bad and when she woke she was alone in a blasted wasteland. She had walked and looked for others for decades, criss crossing the Earth as it slowly healed from its wounds. After two centuries she gave up, there was no one left. Not on Earth anyways.

But surely there were still people out there among the stars. Surely someday they would return home to the planet that they had spawned from. And she would join them among the stars even if it terrified her. She wouldn’t be alone anymore. So she waited as years bled into decades bled into centuries. All trace of humanity’s existence on the planet disappeared but still she waited.