The final batch of Star Wars: The Clone Wars made its debut on Netflix on Friday — and now, here's a glimpse of what we might have seen if the show hadn't been canceled.

To thank the fans for supporting the show, supervising director Dave Filoni posted some never-before-seen sketches he'd done during "one of our last Clone Wars writer's conferences." Added Filoni, "I love theories, and I am sure you will have many after seeing these images." Filoni did spell out one thing, however: "Yes, Echo is alive."


What else can you learn from these images of stories that were never filmed? Star Wars Underworld notes that the images include "some tantalizing images of Ahsoka meeting with Bo-Katan and then the Jedi Council(!), Wookiees, a gang of bounty hunters who look awfully familiar, Darth Maul, Padme, [and] some Mon Calamari."

Check out some of the most striking art below, and then see tons more over at Filoni's blog post.