Batman: Year One was supposed to be Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky's, big superhero project. Unfortunately the project got scrapped in favor of Nolan's Batman Begins. But new concept art shows the Lincoln Continental Batmobile that never was. UPDATED.

Why did this movie die out? Perhaps because the script (penned by Paul Dini) re-wrote the entire Bruce Wayne origins story.


Loosely based on Frank Miller's Batman: Year One Aronofsky's script took even more liberties than Miller's version. For example, after the death of his parents Bruce went to live above the car garage owned by Big Al, and his son Little Al. Little Al eventually becomes Bruce's mentor (Alfred) after Big Al dies. A Lincoln Continental becomes the first Batmobile and the first Batman costume is just a hockey mask and a cape. In Bruce's first vigilante attempt he leaves the insignia "TW" on his victim's faces. But the world thinks the TW is actually a bat symbol (because apparently Bruce has terrible handwriting). Thus the Batman is born. There's an even longer synopsis for this movie over at

So yeah, we can see why this massive movie deviation didn't pick up a lot of speed. And even though this movie didn't get made, CBM has uncovered a collection of concept art from Batman: Year One. Catwoman looks bad ass.

UPDATE: Aronofsky took to twitter to state that this art was not commissioned by him directly, which doesn't mean this art wasn't for this movie. But it wasn't anything the director himself approved.


Fingers crossed Aronofsky gets another shot at a superhero movie, because we're desperate to see what he would do with this fairly over-saturated genre.

[via Comic Book Movies]