Concept art shows Dreamworks animated version of Peabody the time-traveling dog

The first art from DreamWorks' Mr. Peabody and Sherman film reveals the bespectacled canine face of Mr. Peabody, one of our favorite time-travelers — who'll be voiced by the infamous Robert Downey Jr. himself.

Here it is the first look at the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show cartoon that now has its own feature film.


Last we heard, the movie makers were shooting for a 2014 release date. The film, which will tell the origin story of the duo, but also the time-traveling Wayback Machine. And according to the movie's director, Rob Minkoff, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

Mr. Peabody is this genetic anomaly," Minkoff says. "He does have brothers and sisters, all of them non-speaking, no super-smart dogs. He's an outcast, but has overcome it by being so great at so many things."

Sherman, who will also be CG, has not been cast yet.

[Cartoon Brew via Entertainment Weekly]


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