Concept art reveals the gruesome chestburster that didn't make it into Prometheus

If there was something missing from Prometheus aside from logic and quasi-competent scientists, it was an alien creature bursting from a human chest. An earlier version of the movie's script involved a particularly bloody encounter with just such a critter. Spoilers ahead.

If you've seen Prometheus, you'll remember that Logan Marshall-Green's none-too-bright archaeologist, Charlie Holloway, sexes up Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw after becoming infected with the Engineer weapon. In one of writer Jon Spaihts' earlier drafts of the script, Holloway experiences a violent coitus interruptus when a creatures shoots its tentacles out of his chest. This guy looks like a cousin to the tentacle creature pulled out of Shaw's womb. Apparently, xenomorphs aren't the only Engineer beasties who invade that particular part of the human body.

See the larger (and mildly NSFW) image at Bloody Disgusting. [via /Film]

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