Fox’s Spider-Man: The Animated Series was pretty great, but like its X-Men counterpart, it’s very much a product of the 1990s—something that becomes achingly obvious when you remember what Peter Parker wore outside of the Spidey suit. Need a reminder? Look no further than this awesome concept art from the series.

John Semper Jr., a producer and head writer on the cartoon during its four-year run, has been uploading concept and model art from the series to a Facebook page for the show, with everything from references for Spider-Man:

To a scaled lineup of the show’s villains:

To yes, the many wonderful, wonderful civilian outfits of Peter Parker posted earlier this week:


It’s pretty cool to see all this art from the series 20 years after it aired, especially with John Semper Jr. chiming in to discuss the actual production of the series. It’s hard to get hold of Spider-Man: The Animated Series these days, so it’s nice to see something new from the show... as well as be reminded just how different Marvel’s animated output looks today. I doubt we’ll ever see a Peter Parker that’s a little more G.I. Joe than he is nerdy photojournalist any time soon again!

And, because I know you’re going to ask for it, here’s the full version of the spectacularly ‘90s “Rocker Outfit” Peter from the header in its full glory:



You can see a lot more art (as well as Semper Jr.’s insight into the creative process of making the series) over on the Spider-Man: The Animated Series Facebook page.

[Via Comic Book]