There have been several recent attempts to remake the 1976 dystopian film Logan's Run, with directors like Oblivion's Joseph Kosinski and Drive's Nicolas Winding Refn attached to the project at various points. It appears that at least one of those attempts made it to the concept art stage, giving us these 21st century Sandmen.

The Logan's Run remake is by no means dead; just last year, BioShock creator Ken Levine was hired to write the script. In an interview, he says that he's interested in answering a major question not addressed by the 1976 movie nor the book on which it was based: why the people of the domed city made their pact to die at 30 in exchange for an easy, hedonistic life.


Concept artist Ed Natividad created these images. Interestingly, Kosinski was hired in 2007 to direct Logan's Run, but shifted his attention to Tron: Legacy, and Natividad ended up working as a concept designer on both Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. Here, Natividad gives us his version of the Sandmen, the people who are tasked with killing any fugitives who run from their ultimate fate.

[Ed Natividad via Comic Book Movie]