Concept Art from Jurassic World Shows Off Isla Nublar's Wild Beauty

A fantastic selection of concept art from Colin Trevorrow’s blockbuster, Jurassic World has surfaced on the web. Feast your eyes on some of the fantastic artwork that shows off theIsla Nublar’s popular attraction, and take in the wild beauty that the folks at InGen couldn’t tame.

The artwork comes courtesy of Gadget-bot, which has worked on other films, such as Spiderman 2, Pacific Rim, Ender’s Game and others!


Update: Artwork removed at the request of the studio.

Artwork credit: gadget-Bot.

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Charlie Jane Anders

The more I think about Jurassic World, the more I lump it in with Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla reboot: Decent monster action, mostly meh characters.