Disney's upcoming superhero film Big Hero 6 is set in San Fransokyo, a futuristic city with San Francisco's layout and a bit of Tokyo's aesthetic. And this delightful concept art from the film gives us a sense of how that mashed-up city came together.

Walt Disney World cast member Holly, a.k.a. shining-magically, snapped tons of photos from a display of Big Hero 6 concept art. Head over to her Tumblr for much, much more concept art, especially art featuring the characters at various stages in their visual development.


The San Fransokyo travel posters were made by visual development artist Lorelay Bove early in the fictional city's development, to create a sense of place and tone:

Illustrated development art helped the design team decide how to combine features of the two cities:

And digitally rendered concept art shows us the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, where Tadashi and his friends go to school:

And the San Fransokyo skyline:

We can't wait until the artbook for this movie comes out. Big Hero 6 hits US theaters on November 7th.

Big Hero 6 Concept Art [shining-magically via A Wonderful Tale of Disney]