Concept animation of NASA's proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission

If a near-Earth object happened to come hurtling dangerously close to Earth, the manned mission to gather samples from the captured object might look something like this.

NASA is still developing a redirect mission as part of its asteroid initiative, but released this concept in the form of this video and a gallery of images this week. In this notional concept video, the asteroid has already been captured by capture vehicle. A two-person crew travels nine days in the planned Orion spacecraft to rendezvous with the captured asteroid and collect samples of the object. The video doesn't bring us to the actual redirection, instead focusing on the manned portion of the mission.


As part of NASA's continued development of the initiative, the agency is assessing 400 responses received to a request for information in which industry, universities and the public offered ideas for the initiative. NASA will be holding a technical workshop to discuss those responses at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2.

New Imagery of Asteroid Mission [NASA via We Are Star Stuff]

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