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As we continue to engineer the perfect foods, animals, and children, scientists have figured out a way to engineer the perfect winter resort — by using software to pinpoint the best powder and mountain slopes to build them on.


New Scientist reports that geographers Jordan Silberman and Peter Rees, both professors at the University of Delaware, have developed a geographical information system (GIS) that allows resort entrepreneurs to plug in their resort dream — small and exclusive resort or mega slopes — and the app will geolocate the best conditions and spot for the venture.

Says New Scientist:

The software then homes in on the preferred general region and seeks out those locations with the combinations of available land and humidity levels most likely to produce powder snow. Among many other factors, it also analyses accessibility by road, slope steepness — to work out the risk of avalanches — and the likely erosion from tree felling. A key factor is the ready availability of electricity to power the ski lifts.


Will city Olympic committees use this software to argue their way into becoming the winning town for future Winter Olympics? We can already see the genetically engineered slalom skiers lining up on their perfectly situated ski slopes.

Geo software aims to avoid ski resort eco-disasters [New Scientist]

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