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Computer Ghosts Still Won't Die In Pulse 3

Illustration for article titled Computer Ghosts Still Wont Die In Pulse 3

Those pesky ghosts stuck in our internet continue to plague the Earth and somehow get movie deals. In the latest installment of the Pulse saga, the little girl that was featured in the first movie is all growed up and tools around with Boy Meets World's Rider Strong. A gallery of ghastly ghost stills await you along with spoilers.In Pulse 3: Invasion, we pick up after Justine's arguing parents were both turned into ghosts and the little girl was ushered off to a remote location by a group of strangers. There, they avoid technology and live in a primitive lifestyle. But now that she's a teenager, she leaves the shelter of her new home in search of answers. A seeming survivor living in the city, named Adam, lures her into the city, which is overrun with the phantoms. And of course her annoying ghost parents (one of whom is Battlestar Galactica's Jamie Bamber) get in the way. [Shock Till You Drop]


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Actually this is listed at IMDB as "Pulse 2" - maybe the "3" is counting the original?