Computer-Generated Paper Accepted for Prestigious Technical Conference

A prankster who submitted a computer-generated research paper to the International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering discovered that not only was his fake paper accepted - its "author" is to chair a panel.


The prankster, known only by his pseudonym Schlangemann (which he used to submit the paper), created the paper using SCIGen - the automatic CS paper generator. His pseudonym is taken from a German movie called Der Schlangemann.

"Schlangemann" reported to Slashdot today that the paper had been accepted to the conference, which is sponsored by the IEEE, a highly-regarded professional group for engineers in the United States. You can see the accepted paper posted on the IEEE's website. Here you can see where Schlangemann is named chair of a panel [PDF]. The abstract reads:

Recent advances in cooperative technology and classical communication are based entirely on the assumption that the Internet and active networks are not in conflict with object-oriented languages. In fact, few information theorists would disagree with the visualization of DHTs that made refining and possibly simulating 8 bitarchitectures a reality, which embodies the compelling principles of electrical engineering. In this work we better understand how digital-to-analog converters can be applied to the development of e-commerce.


The good news is that the IEEE has done its job so well that now computers themselves can submit papers and present them at its conferences. The bad news is . . . well, pretty obvious. I guess this means Alan Sokal can finally, at last, shut the hell up about how science journals never accept fake articles.

SOURCE: Slashdot

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Annalee Newitz

I'm just excited that nobody has complained yet about the animated gif.