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This ain't no backyard bottle-rocket situation. This is Polaris Fireworks AB of China's towering display of gunpowder prowess at the Sixth Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, glimpsed last night over the Mall of Asia shopping center south of Manila.


This year, eleven countries participated in the contest, which stretched over multiple weekends and wrapped up yesterday. Despite China's impressive effort, it was only good enough for second place. If you have 22 minutes and the desire to take a narrated "journey through the variety of nature that exists on our planet," check out the boom-tastic handiwork of world champions the Netherlands below. (Don't have 22 minutes, but still curious? Skip ahead to the abstract yet surprisingly effective fireworks illustration of "a large group of playful monkeys" starting at around 16 minutes.)

Top image AP Photo/Bullit Marquez

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