It's nice to bring out a shiny new edition of a SF classic, as St. Martin's Press will of Joe Haldeman's 1974 smash The Forever War next March. Before the re-debut and related fanfare can happen, though, NYTimes reporter and title-ruiner Dexter Filkins had the temerity to release his own spirited take on the global war on terror and give it that same catchy title. When it appeared on the cover of The New York Times Book Review earlier this month, the news caused Haldeman to explode on his blog, "Looks like a good book. I wish they'd come up with their own fucking title." Equally chagrined, one of his homies - NASA employee and talented SF writer in his own right Geoffrey Landis - had his friend's back, and fired off an angry letter to the Times over the weekend. Is this the literary equivalent of Tupac and Biggie? [Joe Haldeman on SFFNet]