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Compare the new CGI Yoda from the Blu-Ray Star Wars Episode One with the original puppet

Illustration for article titled Compare the new CGI Yoda from the Blu-Ray emStar Wars Episode One/em with the original puppet

Everybody knows that George Lucas loves to change his movies, so it shouldn't really surprise anyone that Lucas has yet again changed something else on the Star Wars Blu-Ray saga release. He's scrubbed out Frank Oz's Yoda puppet from The Phantom Menace and replaced it with a CG monster.


But don't panic, they didn't do it to the original trilogy — yet, anyway. Here are two clips one with puppet, and one sans for your scrutiny. Is it better, or worse? We're kind of dead inside when it comes to discussing another Lucas tinkering session.

[via Slashfilm]

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I'm on record as being somewhat anti-puppet (puppet Angel excepted). As good as FarScape was, puppets held it back. That said, I prefer the puppet Yoda. Sure the CGI Yoda kicks ass in the fight scenes, but, in others, he looks like something very different.