Just when things were looking up for Community (showrunner Dan Harmon returned!) things to a surprising dip (Donald Glover announced Troy would only be in five episodes!). We don't know how to process all these ups and downs! Thankfully we have Troy's best friend and castmate Danny Pudi to help us through it.


io9: Where were you when you found out Dan Harmon was coming back to the show? How did you feel?

Danny Pudi: Where I was, I don't remember. And how did I feel? Ecstatic. Only Dan has sort of the... Dan is the only one who can do what he does. Our show is so peculiar, it has such a specificity. To me it just makes sense. I'm very excited and thankful because I don't know how many comedy shows have has this sort of situation play out. It's spectacular. I love him, I love his vision, I'm excited.


Dan returned, but now Donald Glover is only doing five shows for the new season. How does that make you feel? How is that going to affect Abed?

It's typical Community. One thing happens, and then the other shoe drops. I'm sad, I'm sad because I love Donald, and I love Troy for Abed. For me it's a great relationship because people are like "oh, Troy and Abed's friendship, are you guys really close?" What's nice about Troy and Abed is that, that's just Donald and I. We've always had this great sort of [rapport], we just get each other and have fun. I'm going to miss that just because of the amount of time we spent on set having a good time. And for the character I guess it's a part of the show and it's history. It's change you've got to accept it. It will be interesting to explore new directions for Abed. I'm excited to see what Dan comes up with.

Are we going to get more Inspector Spacetime?

I never know. We don't know anything, we never do. And I think that's part of the reason the show feels fresh and spontaneous and new.


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