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Community takes a sad look inside Abed's mind

The first Dan Harmon-free Community aired last night. And it was definitely something that aired on television, that we all laughed at in various points. Look, it wasn't bad and it wasn't good. The series premiered with a strange Inception-style storyline that took the audience right out of the group and right into Abed's head. Which... haven't we already done this before and slightly better in "Virtual Systems Analysis"? But into Abed's mind we go, where we're able to explore his "safe place" — a world where everything is a sitcom and no one will leave him. And of course, that Abed Incepted himself revealing another TV world, starring the Greendale Babies. It was scary — check it out.


What did you think? Rumor has the next episode is more of the same, but then the show launches back into wonder by the third episode. So we will be patient and wait for that third episode. Until then, Greendale Babies!

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Did you guys notice the promos fro other shows on Abed TV?