Community debuts the Inspector Spacetime Holiday Special (and spoofs Invasion of the Bodysnatchers!)

Illustration for article titled emCommunity/em debuts the emInspector Spacetime Holiday Special/em (and spoofs emInvasion of the Bodysnatchers/em!)

Watch a segment from "the long lost 1981 Inspector Spacetime holiday special. Runtime two and a half hours — and so critically reviled that after it aired, the creator had his knighthood revoked." Community wishes everyone a happy holidays with a great Body Snatchers shout out and more Inspector Spacetime. Check it out!

First, the Inspector Spacetime clip. Love, love, love Community for remembering Doctor Who's recent tradition of holiday specials.

Next up the study group is recruited by the evil head of the Glee group to join his singing ranks, Invasion of the Body Snatchers style.


There is no better show on TV right now — there just isn't. Save Community.

Top image via RexRayGun.

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Childish Gambino FTW. And Annie Boop, hello nurse.