Community creator Dan Harmon weighs in on the Inspector Spacetime controversy

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Community's Doctor Who rip-off series, Inspector Spacetime, starring Constable Reggie Wigglesworth and the Inspector, inspired its very own Kickstarter campaign, but shortly after the project took flight, NBC smashed it down. At the Community WonderCon panel, show creator Dan Harmon weighed in about the controversy, eloquently backing away while simultaneously encouraging people behind the Inspector Spacetime to find their own loop hole.


After the panel an audience member asked Harmon what he thought about the Inspector Spacetime drama:

Is there anything you can do about the spacetraveler who also travels through time, get back to what it was supposed to be?

Dan Harmon: I kept my hands off of that issue. Are you talking about the Kickstarter thing? Yeah. As a fan I would go, well if there's money involved. But then if it's everyone kind of investing... whatever I'm not even going to touch it. When there is money involved you have to let Sony's machine…it comes out of my jurisdiction. I can't stamp my shoe on the table and go, "Let them do what they want to do," they wouldn't listen to me at all, regardless of how I felt. I hate to disappoint you with that answer. There might be ways to creatively get around it. Without calling it certain things. Play their game, call it something else, because that's what we do when we rip stuff off. Call it Inblector Blacetime, and do it. That's the advice I can give you.

And there you have it. Could this be the end of the Inspector? Perhaps for the online world, but we're certain he'll make more appearances on Community (and that is fine by us).

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Cat VonAwesome

I would love to see a web show that is a copy of Inspector Spacetime. It would sort of be like when there was talk of making a British version of "Friends" which itself was just an American version of the British "Coupling."

Let's call it "Sergeant Huh?"