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Commercials Show the US Air Force's Science Fiction Side

Illustration for article titled Commercials Show the US Air Forces Science Fiction Side

If Stargate SG-1 is to be believed, the US Air Force's Space Command hides fantastical technologies and runs space-bound missions. A new ad campaign paints the US Air Force as straight out of science fiction — without the aliens.


The latest round of commercials for the United States Air Force play on the theme "It's Not Science Fiction," portraying Air Force missions and technologies as something out of military science fiction. One even shows off the Space Command, although this one doesn't appear to involve Stargates or preparations against an alien invasion.


Another ad spotlights the Unmanned Aircraft Systems, with a desert mission seeing support from a spy plane.

Another spot imagines the Air Force's combat, search and rescue airmen parachuting onto an alien world.


US Air Force Not Science Fiction [The Inspiration Room]

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Ad # 1. Good thing there was someone in charge able to make the determination that maybe the satellite should try to avoid the debris. I am sure the people manning the equipment would never have thought of that. (and is it just me, or did everyone in that ad look like they were from that "Lost in Space" episode where no one ever grows old?)

Ad # 2. I am not in the military, but I thought "hold your position" meant stay where you are not "move in a clump over exposed ground so the enemy sniper can pick you off better".

Ad # 3. Visual filters and Pirates of the Carribean outtake soundtracks make everything seem more serious.