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In today's comments, we learned some simple rules to make a television audience (temporarily) suspend their disbelief, introduced a brand new character to haunt your worst nightmares, and learned the back stories of some Firefly's best costumes — including a certain orange knit hat.


Today, Shawna Trpcic, the costume designer behind Firefly (not to mention Cabin in the Woods, Torchwood: Miracle Day, and more) joined us to fill us in on some of the behind-the-scene's stories of her favorite costumes.


Among the details she spilled were about Kaylee's pink, ruffly, hoop-skirted dress ("Kaylee's dress was my original design - from a sketch and inspired by an old lithograph - silk was dyed and the top piece from cut from a wedding Indian sari") and Mal's pants ("They were vintage canvas cavalry pants").

But no question incited as much pure interest as this one from commenter thezombiemassia, who longed — nay, needed! — to know just who would claim responsibility for Jayne's orange hat. Said Shawna:

I am responsible :) - I had NO IDEA it would be so popular and am THRILLED to this day when I see them at Comic con and about town - my kids were given a gift of two of them from a fan and they LOVE them.

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