Today's comment of the day came from the shadowy region that lies between the twin lands of Westeros and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Different empires, afflicted with very different kinds of monsters. Or so we thought.

Commenter (and sometime io9 contributor) Jason Shankel, in response to a post on Walter White sending George R.R. Martin to an even darker than usual place, reveals the terrifying truth:

Walter White is Tywin Lannister. Consider:

Both men have amassed great wealth.

Both men have handicapped sons

Both men are in the Empire business.

Both are primarily concerned with family, legacy and reputation.

Both men are relentlessly tenacious in the pursuit of their goals, even at the expense of their aforementioned concerns.

Both men can arrange to have a dozen people killed in under two minutes.

But, with their introduction into this brave new world, the family White will require a coat of arms and a motto. Fortunately, commenter falseprophet (coming in with a comment of the day honorable mention) is way ahead of them:


Top Image: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock