Some days the comment of the day is there to inform, some days to entertain, and some days to save your life. Today's Comment of the Day, courtesy of commenter Gunneh, comes in under the last category.

In response to today's post about the unfortunate match-up between a sleeping bag and a black widow spider (i.e., the post will still be keeping me awake at 3AM), Gunneh gives us this handy rule:

Wow it just hit me, Black Widow in the Northern Hemisphere has a red marking on its belly... Redback in the Southern Hemisphere has it on its back. EVERYTHING IS UPSIDE DOWN IN AUSTRALIA!

(FYI Redbacks are just as infamous and common in Australia as Black Widows are in the the US)


So there you have it. Red mark on the belly, Black Widow. Red mark on the back, Australian Redback.

Next step: Figuring out how to roll a spider over.